The World Is Your Memorial

When we scatter the ashes of our loved ones without marking the places of scattering, the memories gets lost.


About reminisce

No Life is Forgotten

Reminisce offers customers a unique and everlasting way of memorializing your loved ones who have chosen to be cremated. Reminisce provides customers with a personalized set of keepsake quality, laser etched, mini-urns. Each mini-urn has a unique QR code which allows friends and family members to digitally mark the locations where small amounts of ash are scattered on a personalized map through the reminisce app. The app will also allow you to list the reason why each location was special to your loved one.

Future generations can visit Thru the reminisce APP, friends and family members can digitally mark the locations where a small amount of ash is scattered on a personalized Google Earth map.

Memories That Last a Lifetime

How Does reminisce Work?

  • Choose color and quantities of mini-urns. Set of 4 urns is the minimum quantity sold for $150.00. Each additional urn is $30.00. Purchase 8 or more urns and shipping and handling is free.

  • Personalize the mini-urns with your loved one’s name, DOB, DOD and also customize a memorial (memorial limited to 180 total characters)

  • Once you receive the urns, place a small amount of the cremains into each urn.

  • Download the reminisce app (once you place an order you will receive a passcode that will allow you to register as a customer on the app)

  • Once scattering locations are selected, open the reminisce app, scatter, scan the QR code on top of that mini-urn which digitally marks the spot on the map and type in why that place was special to your loved one. You may also upload a photo as well. (please note only one location is recorded on the map per mini-urn purchased)

Celebrating Life

Customizable 4 Pack of Mini Urns at Just $150

  • Cherishing Life

    At reminisce, we believe life shouldn’t end in a cold cemetery or an urn forgotten in a corner. Honor your loved ones and treasure their memory forever.

  • Creating Permanent Memories

    reminisce lets you digitally mark the spots you’ve scattered the ashes, allowing the next generations to pause, reflect, and smile at the memory of the deceased.

  • Global Mapping System

    Mark the locations on the map easily through the app so you can create a long-lasting, virtual memorial for your loved ones.