Frequently asked questions

(List of common questions with answers) Let us know if you have any questions. We will be happy to help.

The containers are made of aluminum titanium alloy. After the ashes are scattered and location recorded the container can be kept as a memento or recycled.

The containers are relatively small in size (140 ml or approximately 4.7 oz), so many family and friends can share the celebration of life and the amount of ash scattered is unobtrusive.

Depending on the locations chosen by the deceased or their loved ones and how many family and friends would be a part of the reminiscing.

Cremation remains are non toxic and not harmful to the environment, however, we suggest you follow federal, state and local guidelines. If scattering on private property you should seek permission.

The Industry consensus is between 3 and 4 quarts of ash by volume for an adult body. However the amount of ash depends on the density of bone. Sex, size and height are also factors.

No. Cremation remains are not handled by reminisce in any capacity. If you feel uncomfortable handling your loved ones' ashes, the funeral home, crematorium or perhaps another family member or close friend may be able to assist.

Yes. There are 4 different color urns offered. Black, Bronze, Gold and Silver. You can choose all one color or select multiple color urns.

Yes. The person’s name, Date of Birth, Date of Death and personal info or message can also be added up to 140 characters. The amount of characters is limited because of the small surface area of the mini urns. Additional information can be added to the individual’s home page on the reminisce website.

A base set consists of 4 mini urns for $150.00. Additional mini urns can be added for a cost Of $30.00 each. The amount of mini urns can be many, as even a small amount of ash can be scattered at a location and recorded.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal are all accepted forms of payment.

Numerous shipping options can be selected at checkout. Shipping charges will be calculated at checkout and will vary depending on size of order and zip code. Free ground shipping within the continental US will be included on any order of $300.00 or more.